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"GIANT SKEINS" are HPKY's signature item.

GIANT SKEINS are created for their uniqueness.

HPKY offers three different weights:

DK-weight, Worsted weight and Fingering weight.

12 assorted yarns in the same weight but different textures are combined in a large skein. This provides a already created knitting kit. The knitter is able to knit each of the 12 different yarns in the order that they find most attractive for their project or they can follow our pattern sequence. The yarns are separated from each other to be wound separately into a ball without knots.

Each of the 12 yarns are carefully selected to create an outstanding group of textured and straight yarns.

All 12 yarns are handpainted together. The various fibers are taking the dye pigments differently and appear in different vibrant shades.











All 12 sections of yarn are easily wound into balls.

winding a Giant Skein into 12 balls


1. put the GS onto:   a large swift (100” circ. needed)

                                 or use two chairs back to back

                                 or a person’s wrists

                                 important: all knots from the 6 ties

                                 have to be on top of your skein!


2. cut off all 6 knots, do not pull the tie strings out,

    leave them in the skein

    important:  do not cut the two big knots, this holds

                      all 12 different yarn types together

                      (one is on the outside, holding all the

                       beginnings together and one is on the

                       underside of the skein, holding all the

                       ends together)


3. cut the first yarn type from the outer big knot and start

    winding your first ball, you will end up at the underside

    big knot, cut the yarn and your first ball is ready


4. now cut the second yarn type from the outer knot,

    wind the ball and cut the yarn

    from the underside knot


5. keep winding the remaining 10 yarn types into balls

    note:  all the ties will cooperate, making the yarn free,

               the last yarn types may need a little help.

               At the very end the ties will fall off.

10 oz  -  290 grams
68 yards each
total of 816 yards16 oz  -  450 grams
110 yards each
total of 1320 yards20 oz  -  580 grams
136 yards each
total of 1632 yards26 oz  -  740 grams
180 yards each
total of 2160 yards
16 oz  -  450 grams
88 yards each
total of 1056 yards24 oz  -  675 grams
132 yards each
total of 1584 yards32 oz  -  900 grams
176 yards each
total of 2112 yardsWW - Worsted Weight8 oz  -  230 grams
86 yards each
total of 1032 yards12 oz  -  343 grams
130 yards each
total of 1560 yardsFG - Fingering Weight